Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horse Passages

Horse Passages has been re-edited and reissued as an e-book!

Orphaned twins, Meagan and Carl Cadet, share an honored path-they're horse herders. But the horses they herd are unique, for each horse grows beautiful clusters of unicorn-like horns made of living quartz. Like fingerprints, each is dazzlingly different from the other. The horses use these horns to travel through mystic passages, finding new planets for humans to colonize. Meagan and Carl are two fine, teenaged equestrians who make perfect caregivers for these unusual horses-if they can avoid the merciless Raiders...
Raiders stalk horse herders-capturing them to work their mines-using them until death finally takes the poor humans away from their endless misery. For once taken, no human is able to escape the brutal grasp of these mysterious aliens.
It's a book for boys and girls alike - and it's for all ages (14 and up)!